A Latina in Museums on Instagram

Only a few posts in and I decided that I wanted to expand my social media circle to Instagram (and Twitter): @latinainmuseums

Why? Well, I was browsing Instagram in my bed, indulging in a little bit of laziness before I get up to start studying and something just suddenly frustrated me more than it had before. Perhaps it is the end-of-the-semester-almost-graduating stress but as I scrolled through my Instagram feed I noticed how under represented Latinas are in museums on social media as well as in the actual field. The latter part I already knew, a focus in my studies. But why did this bother me so much scrolling through Instagram? Well, aside from the fact that this kind of attention is much needed, I think it is because I believe collectively we are stronger. I know so many beautiful and intelligent Latinas. Some of them are in the museum field doing absolutely fantastic things. These ladies have degrees and dreams and are ready to take on the museum world. I want to not only highlight the awesome things they are doing or hope to do, but also showcase Latinas outside of the field who love art and museum hopping.

This blog is my brand new baby and I want it to grow with me as I continue to find my path in the museum field but I also decided that I wanted that perspective to be wider than just this particular Latina in museums. Twitter and Instagram allows me to showcase other beautiful and creative Latinas in museums both in and outside of the field. I want us to all connect and support each other because without these two things, we can't achieve the kind of greatness that we can achieve if we do it together. Together we can change the museum field. And not just Latinas; I hope everyone sees this as a positive step forward and supports us as well.

As a Latina in the field, I know we are severely underrepresented. I speak from that struggle as I try to be just one of the many who are reshaping the field to be more inclusive and intersectional. It is difficult and oftentimes I wonder if it is worth it. But giving up is not an option and I want to be a part of the change that will happen. So with that said, ladies and gentlemen of all ages, races and backgrounds, follow my journey @latinainmuseums!