Meet Sam Anderson-Ramos

Full Name: Sam Anderson-Ramos

Where do you work: The Art Institute of Chicago

What is your job title: Assistant Director for College and Professional Learning

What does your average day in the museum look like: Researching, planning, and coordinating talks, classes, and educational programs for colleges, professionals, and the general public.

What (project, initiative, etc.) are you currently working on right now for your museum: Executing and expanding professional and college audiences.

What is your educational background: BFA Art History, MFA Creative Writing

What led you to the museum field: Love of art-making, studio art training, love of teaching, joy in learning and talking about art, respect for art museums and museums in general.

What are your earliest memories in a museum: Visiting the free Harry Ransom Center gallery in Austin and thinking it was bizarre and kind of creepy and therefore fascinating.

Any obstacles you've had to overcome to get to where you are now in the field: Paying (still paying) for degrees. Being noticed in a crowded job search field.

How did you overcome these obstacles: Staying fiscally organized. Staying optimistic. Staying prepared. Never ever giving up.

What has been your proudest moment with regard to where you are in your career and the work you do in the field: Being offered my current position.

What advice would you give a student thinking about entering the field: Know that it's possible. Never ever give up.

What book/source/link would you recommend to learn more about the kind of work you do: Not sure. Maybe it doesn't exist yet.

What's next for you in your career: Learn, learn, learn.

What is your favorite museum to go to other than your own and why: Smithsonian's Museum of American History - Love US history and artifacts. Also it's free.

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